Iron Maiden Launch Weekend

Iron Maiden Launch Weekend

The British are coming!

The British are about to join the Third World War, with the release this weekend of Iron Maiden: British Army in World War III,  a 48-page hard-back book that tells the story of Major Charles Leslie’s Squadron of Chieftain tanks fighting a stubboren fighting withdrawal against a relentless Soviet invasion. Iron Maiden provides players with Army lists for the “Death or Glory Boys” Chieftain Armoured Squadron, the Irish Guards’ Mechanised Company, the Gordon Highlanders’ Airmobile Company, and the Queen’s Dragoon Guards’ Medium Recce Squadron, as well as history of the British Army of the Rhine, painting guides and scenarios.

Iron Maiden Live Blog

Battlefront will be running a live blog at and, with updates from each of their offices, as well as highlights of the gaming action at participating stores throughout the world. If you are near one of these stores, you can be among the first to try out the new British army, and perhaps win a brand new army! In all, there will be over 40 hours of content, with gaming and hobby articles and videos, competitions and a video battle report.

Iron Maiden – British Army in World War III