Insider 5-19-2014

The enigmatic cephalyx have long-term plans that are largely unknown and little-understood outside of their own cabals, and the advancement of these plans just so happens to synch up with their model releases. Much as the Kodiak was introduced with rules presaging the release of warbeasts, the initial Cephalyx models mentioned their future Mercenary contract. When you realize those first Cephalyx models were released in the same book as Hierarch Severius and Beast-09, however, and that they were part of the previous edition of WARMACHINE, it really puts into perspective just how long-term that particular plan truly was.

But their day has come at last. At Lock & Load GameFest 2014, the Cephalyx will storm onto the scene with new model releases, including their very own warcaster and three brutish monstrosities for his battlegroup. Just as important, they receive their own long-awaited Mercenary contract.

As with their original two unit releases, the Cephalyx Mind Slaver & Drudges and the Cephalyx Overlords, the new Cephalyx models showcase two distinct sides of the Cephalyx offensive—the physically weak but mentally dominant Cephalyx and their physically powerful but mentally dominated slaves. From a development standpoint, it was a unique challenge and opportunity to flesh out this element of the Iron Kingdoms mythos into a full-fledged, playable army with its own personality and play style.

The two disparate elements of the Cephalyx Mercenary contract play very differently on the tabletop. Cephalyx typically have high DEF values, low ARMs, and Sacrificial Pawn abilities to throw their fodder into harm’s way. Conversely, their mind slaves typically have low DEF values, higher ARMs, and either Tough or a mountain of damage boxes to resist incoming blows.

Much like its two types of members, the Cephalyx army is characterized by separate themes from a gameplay standpoint. The first is that the Cephalyx operate as radiating nodes of power, supporting their mind slaves. The second is that they likes to push, slam, or trip opponents’ models at every turn, lending a suitable “deranged puppet master” feel to the Cephalyx army.

No Quarter #54 introduces players to all of these great new Cephalyx releases along with the rules for their Mercenary contract. With all of these models in one place, it gave me the opportunity to present them in the form of a mini-strategy guide rather than a collection of tactical tips for a few isolated model entries. I hope you get the chance to pick up this great issue and that you enjoy your first taste of the Iron Kingdoms’ shadowy mind benders.

Playing Cephalyx at Last,