Insider 12-16-2013

I’m making steady progress on the converted Mountain King I talked about in my last blog, but I’m not quite ready for the big reveal. So, in the meantime, I thought I’d share another project I’m working on.

I knew I wanted to do something special with Mulg to match my Sea King while still making him unique in some way. I started by cutting Mulg’s legs off and then hacking up the tentacles from a Swamp Horror.

Next, I fit the tentacles around Mulg’s skirt as best I could.

From there I attached the upper torso.

At this point I had an idea for Mulg’s club. Now, I’m no marine biologist, but I’m fairly certain that your average mutant cephalopod troll isn’t going to pass by too many towering evergreens as it strolls along in the murky depths. So, how would Mulg manage to get himself a big ol’ whoopin’ stick?

I had a notion that my Trollbloods would lend themselves well to a life of piracy. I imagined boarding crews of trollkin swarming the decks of an unwitting merchant ship while massive horrors surged forth from the deep. Then I pictured Mulg reveling in the destruction of the ship, gleefully ripping a mast from the doomed vessel and turning it against its crew, rigging and all.

I set to work by covering a dowel in sculpting putty and carving a rough wood pattern into it.

Next, I snapped an old paintbrush in half and laid it across my makeshift mast. I also covered up some of my sloppy joins with sheets of putty to make it look like Mulg had clothed himself in scraps of sail—after all, Trollkin vanity is second only to Trollkin ferocity.

From here I stretched out some sheets of putty to lay across the mast to look like a tattered sail.

Finally, I pulled out some twine and tangled it around the mast to represent thicker strands of rigging. I liberally coated the twine with Formula P3 Super Glue so it would be rigid once the glue dried.

And here is he is, primed and ready for paint:

With a little patience and willingness to try something new, I think I managed to create a pretty unique-looking Mulg.

Now it’s your turn—head over to the Privateer Press forums, and show us some of your wildest conversions and most creative paint schemes!