Insider 1-22-2014

I dig lists.

I write the grocery list while the fridge is full, which I suppose is projection listing. I have a bucket list and an anti-bucket list (that’s the list of stuff you did that you thought was going to be fun, but now you swear you’ll never do again). At the bottom of my daily to-do lists—both personal and professional—is “make tomorrow’s list.” In essence, I’m making a list of lists, and I prioritize carefully.

No Quarter #52 is out today, and as the new editor-in-chief, I went into it with a list of ideas to add to the magazine…

  • More pages! A high priority. We’re at 112 pages now, and I still have articles that had to wait for next issue.
  • “Juggernaut’s Journey.” Seattle first, San Francisco next. I can’t go globetrotting—I have a magazine to produce—but NQ’s Juggernaut can.
  • “News From the Front.” A new design with more info in brief, including the reoccurring “Pros & Cons.”
  • WARMACHINE: Tactics.” The director of WhiteMoon Dreams writes the first in a series of great insider articles about the upcoming WARMACHINE video game.
  • “Corvis Codex,” “Scoundrels & Sell-Swords,” “Quickwork Encounters.” RPG players, rejoice—lots of new columns for you.
  • High Command articles. Team formats and spoilers!
  • “Iron Kingdom Archives: 606 AR.” You’d be amazed by all that happened in just thirteen months.
  • “Races and Cultures: Gobbers.” A new series that starts with a tribal history.

And there’s more to come next issue.

So, if you keep a list—and really, why wouldn’t you?—add “check out the new issue of No Quarter” somewhere near the top. And if you like what you read, I’d suggest adding “subscribe to No Quarter” and “check out the No Quarter Facebook page” to the list of stuff you need to do.

Of course, put it below “go to the grocery store” and “pay the electric bill.” After all, you gotta prioritize.

Michael G. Ryan
No Quarter