Icarus Miniatures Kickstarter Starting 16 September

Greetings wargamers, big news for you today; the Icarus Miniatures Kickstarter will be launching on Friday, September 16th.

You may have noticed we’ve been quiet over the last few weeks on social media. The reason for this is that we’ve been gearing up to head back to kickstarter.

The Icarus Miniatures Kickstarter will run from 12 noon on Friday September 16th, until 23:59 on Friday September 30th. The starting goal will be £5,000.

Icarus Miniatures Kickstarter

So, what will the Icarus Miniatures Kickstarter be funding?

As you will have seen in the various teaser Tuesday posts, we’ve got 4 new miniatures ready to release, and we decided instead of releasing them individually first, we would hold them back and released both the Alliance and Nexus starter sets at the same time.



All the design and moulding is done for the models in the starter sets, but we need your help to allow us to do a larger print run on the starter sets which will allow us to focus on getting the sets into gaming stores and the hands of gamers across the globe.

The Icarus Miniatures Kickstarter is going to be short and simple; we’ll be running the campaign from Friday 16th September, until Friday 30th September. We are designing the pledge levels and the stretch goals to be simple to allow us to fulfill pledges quickly and efficiently. We know from previous experience that complicated pledge levels and stretch goals lead to more delays and make the fulfillment process that much harder.

So the pledge levels will be simple; a level for a single starter set, and a level for 2. You’ll be free to order more sets if you wish as add ons, but keeping the number of pledge levels low makes the process easier for us.

The Starter Sets

The starter sets themselves will come in brand new packaging (shown below.)

The Alliance set contains the following models;

– The Gunslinger
– Alliance Trooper with LMG
– Alliance Trooper 2 (Firing)
– Female Alliance Trooper
– Alliance Outrider Scout

The Nexus set contains the following models;

– The Assassin
– The Brawler
– 2 Feral Nexus
– Nexus Grunt 1 (Running)

Alliance Starter Set Box Art

Alliance Starter Set Box Art


Nexus Starter Set Box Art

Nexus Starter Set Box Art

Stretch Goals

No campaign worth its salt would be complete without an array of stretch goals for you to unlock, and the Icarus Miniatures Kickstarter will be no different.

To keep the fulfillment time as short as possible, the bulk of the stretch goals will be upgrade kits that give you more choice for your miniatures. They are simple to produce so won’t slow down our production times too much, and they add a lot more options to your starter sets!

Stretch goals will include free miniatures, weapon upgrades, and new head packs to give you the maximum amount of variety.

Sword 1

Sword arm and pistol upgrade to allow you to change the trooper in your starter set into a squad leader.



A Missile launcher upgrade kit that will allow you to turn Alliance Trooper 1 into a heavy weapon wielding support option.



New Miniatures

As part of the kickstarter, you’ll be able to get your hands on 4 brand new, unreleased minis; The Nexus Assassin, the Nexus Brawler, the Alliance Outrider, and the female Alliance Trooper. After the kickstarter, these models will only be available in the starter sets for a short time, so the Kickstarter is the only way to pick them up individually in 2016!

Alliance Outrider_compressed Alliance Outrider Back_compressed Female Trooper_compressed Nexus Assassin Side_compressed Nexus Assassin Front_compressed Nexus Assassin Back_compressed Nexus Brawler Side_compressed Nexus Brawler Back_compressed



The Icarus Miniatures Kickstarter launches on September 16th and we hope to see you all there!