Hobby Hangout: Khador Heavy Cannon

Hi, hobby friends. Danny here! Want to make something cool? ME, TOOOOOO! Here is how to make a sweet Khador Heavy Cannon for your gaming table or army display using bits from our online store!

When I start a kitbash, I tend to gather referenced for what my end goal might be. I do not need a definitive idea of what it will look like in the end, but I do want to have a general idea of a direction to proceed. For this particular piece, I used images of a howitzer.

I start by grabbing a bunch of parts that I think might be useful, and I begin to hold them together, seeing what might look most appealing.

I remove the smoke stacks from the back of the extreme juggernaut body and clean up the rest of the resin parts.

Next, I cut off the back of the Railless Interceptor’s gun and shave the interior of the Juggernaut body where the head would normally fit so the gun will sit flush, and then I glue it into place.

After snipping the axel of the wheel slightly shorter, I glue it into place where the arms of the warjack would have been; I want the shoulder guard to look like wheel guards.

Then I trim and glue the Assault Chariot guard upside down under the cannon.

After all of this, I start to scratch-build some extra parts from PVC board, styrene, and googly eyes to help with the design, silhouette, and overall appeal. I also modify and add the left and right support poles from the Assault Chariot to help support the cannon. I use styrene rod and tube to create an extension for the cannon barrel.

At this point, it’s up to you to paint and add whatever other details you would like for your cannon. If you’ve not tried it before, you’ll have a great time kitbashing!

Want to get the parts I used on this project today? You can order them here!

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