Guns for hire!

Mercenaries are guns for hire that you can add to your Strike Team and most armies are rather wary of them, as they can never be sure of their loyalty or discretion. However, there are times when their special skills sets are very useful, whether this is to bolster an already strong theme in your force, or to plug a gap where you are weak.

During this special release period, a total of six mercenaries are available:


The Survivor – Exclusive to the pre-release starter set!


The Helfather – Pre-release special included in the Pre-release Collectors’ Edition!


Wrath – available in retailers now!


Nastanza – available in retailers now!


Recon Unit N32-19 – available in retailers now!


Doctor Simmonds – available in retailers now!

I’m pretty excited about the mercenaries, I think they add some real character to the universe and I’m looking forward at maybe bagging myself Wrath to add to my Marauders. But which is your favourite – and which mercenary will you be adding to your collection? Let us know in the comments.

Download you free digital Stat cards for The Survivor and The Helfather from our Free Rules section on the website!