Green Bros Unite

Bro Orcs ain’t no regular gruntz! These are da best of da bestest orcs eva! Special operation ladz, brutal and cunnin, but mostly brutal… and cunnin! They ave big dakka and big bomma and they need no support. Always first to pick da propa fight, no puny humie or can defeat ‘em! No onez can defeat ‘em!!! WAAAAGH!!!!!
If ye wanna get to know ‘em betta, just check da wordz of wisdum below. Some humiez tried to act like these ladz before, but orcs were da first ya know…

Orkminator – Hasta la vista, humie.

B.A. Barorkus – He pities da fool!

Koordel Orker – How many push-ups can he do? All of themz.

Rambork – He didn’t drew da first blud. Humies did.

Kludge Zgredd – He is da WAAGH!!!

Theze head swaps are only for da biggest orcs, not for da weak boyz. But you already know that, …

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