Gen Con 2023 Events Registration Opens Sunday!

Starting Sunday, May 21, at noon (Eastern) the gates open to register for Gen Con events!

These will fill up FAST, so you’ll want to get you and your crew in on the fun as soon as possible.

Check out our previous Insider that dives a bit more into each event, or click below and get the page bookmarked for ease of registration:

If you’re still on the fence (you’re not, though, are you?), there are a multitude of reasons to make sure you don’t miss out. The narrative events featured in the SUMMER OF PLUNDER are your best way to not only participate in the carnage that unfolds but also to impact the future of the Iron Kingdoms. Not to mention the “plunder” part: you aren’t going to want to miss your chance at scoring the sweet loot that’ll be littering the battlefields.

Loot? Like what kind of loot?

Glad you asked! While some surprises will remain, this will be a chance to grab your very own pirate-themed Defenses and Objectives, and more!

So, save the page, and get your clickin’ fingers ready to sign up this Sunday!

See you at Gen Con 2023!

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