Fungus among us

Curious how these taste like? Go ahead, have a bite (plz, don’t 😉 )!

You can fry them, make a delicious stew, brew a potion, or simply munch them when they’re raw and fresh (but some might bite back then, so better be careful).

Once you consume them, you’ll see the world from a totally different point of view, probably the least expected one. Be prepared to be amazed by a burst of colors, twisted visions, sharpened senses and a temporary blackout. An unexpected diarrhea is also a possibility.

Some goblin tribes are expert brewers and cultivators of many different species of mushrooms. The fungus that they grow is highly valued for it’s hallucinogenic properties and is widely used on a battlefield. It’s not an uncommon view to see an army of shroom-crazed goblins rushing towards the enemy, with some kind of loony, narcotic rampage. Let’s be honest – It doesn’t really enhance their combat skills, but definitely makes them quite unpredictable and very often triggers some highly suicidal behavior.

As you can see Magic Mushrooms are not entirely safe to play with, so enjoy them responsibly!

Majority of those models were designed by Nastia Rodya during her internship time in our workshop.

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