Fleet Action Battle Group Deals

Dystopian Wars: Fleet Action Battle Group Bundles

To celebrate the massive update of our Dystopian Wars: Fleet Action (DWFA) fast-play rules we have made it incredibly easy for gamers to buy our awesome models!

If you check out our Downloads Page you will find a raft of PDFs you can grab, delivering to you the updated DWFA rules and model statistics for all seven Core Nations and all Alliance Nations. The PDFs are free for download and deliver an exciting, easy to master game which uses our stunning family of 1/1200th scale miniatures and are a perfect way for gamers to be introduced to the Dystopian World.

DWFA uses a simple set of force building mechanics which revolve the simple premise of “for every Core Battle Group you field you can then field a Narrative Battle Group.” This allows for flexible forces to be assembled by players and allows for plenty of variety on the tabletop.

A Core Battle Group will be composed of 1 Large, 1 Medium and 1 Small Squadron. Nice and simple. Narrative Battle Groups will consist of models selected by us to capture the flavour of the models which have been brought together.

With this in mind we have created our initial 21 Fleet Action Battle Group Bundles, which give you access to 1 Core and 2 Narrative Battle Groups for the following nations: Kingdom of Britannia, Replublique of France, Federated States of America, Russian Coalition, Empire of the Blazing Sun, Prussian Empire and Covenant of Antarctica.

But we’re not stopping at 21 Bundles and we will be adding even more over the coming weeks to embrace even more Narrative Battle Groups for our Core Nations and to also offer Alliance Nation Battle Groups.


In our Online Store you will find a new category for our Fleet Action Battle Groups. When you click on as Core Battle Group for any of the Nations you will find a set of Squadrons offered to you. They will be Large, Medium of Small and in each category and you will be able to select from a number of choices.

Let’s tale a look at DWFA01, the Kingdom of Britannia Core Battle Group. Players can choose to populate this KoB Core Battle Group from the following Squadron choices:

1 Large Squadron
Choose from: Monarch Heavy Battleship, Magnate Mk I Heavy Battleship, Magnate MK II Heay Battleship, Regent Assault Carrier or Vengeance Submarine.

1 Medium Squadron
Choose from: Lord Hood Battlecruiser, Agincourt Gunships, Tribal Cruisers or Dominion Torpedo Cruisers.
1 Small Squadron
Choose from: Stalwart Heavy Destroyers, Orion Destroyers, Swift Corvettes or Attacker Frigates.
In these instances the selected Squadron will be supplied at its maximum strength as per a Nation’s Statistics and any SRS Tokens or Flight Stands will be included. As you can see, the choices open to gamers is varied and multiple Core Battle Groups containing a different array of models can quickly be chosen by players.
All a player need do is let us know in the comments box at the Checkout which models they would like to choose to form their Core Battle Group and away they go. Optionally an email can also be sent to [email protected] with a list of models in it and the all important Order Number. Our Despatch Team will do the rest.
While our Bundles are an ideal and cost effective way for new gamers to enjoy the Dystopian World we have created, they are also an ideal way for existing players to expand their collections by selecting models they want. After all, who doesn’t want another Ika Squid, or maybe 3 of them, perhaps some more Gunships are needed to take care of a troublesome opponent and an extra batch of Corvettes can always come in handy!
Our Narrative Battle Groups have been created to bring together models we feel synergise well together and deliver an interesting play style for gamers. A cool example is DWFA31, a Prussian Empire Arctic Sea Narrative Battle Group, which pulls together the following Squadrons:
Large Squadron
Gewitterwolke Airship
Medium Squadrons
2 Donnerfaust Cruisers
2 Havel Carrier
Small Squadron
4 Stolz Destroyers.
You will find that most Narrative Battle Groups will gain access to a special rule by virtue of being fielded together. If we take the aforementioned DWFA31 Arctic Sea Battle Group it gains the following rule:

“Iron Will, Cold Heart”
All models in this Battle Group gain the Diehard Crew MAR.

And that is it… happy shopping and enjoy your DWFA gaming!