Flames Of War Limited Edition Collectors Pins

Launching this week are the first four of our new Limited Edition Collectors Pins. Featuring the four major nations of Flames Of War, the Germans, Americans, British and Soviets, we’ve nicknamed them the “Big Four” collection – don’t tell the real Big Four!

Each of the pins proudly displays an iconic tank from World War 2;

  • the Panzer IV for the Germans,
  • the M4A3 Sherman for the Americans,
  • the Cromwell for the British,
  • and of course, the T-34 for the Soviets.

Use them to display your allegiance, adorn your army bags to help you find the right one, or simply use them as cool gamer bling – who doesn’t need a little bling (or flair) in their lives!

These enamel pin badges are approximately 1 inch or 25mm across and feature a rubber clutch fastening that is durable enough for every-day use.

Grab one (or even all four) from our Online Store where these new pins are exclusively available for a limited time only!

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