Firestorm Core Faction Expansion Sets

Firestorm Armada

Core Race Expansion Sets

The Firestorm Armada Core Faction Expansion Sets are an important part of our Kickstarter Campaign, appealing to many thousands of existing Firestorm players around the world. The new models inside these boxes have been chosen by our rules designers important expansions which either add ‘narrative’ flavour to an existing race or plug a tactical ‘requirement’ for that race.

Just to recap, we have six Core Races for Firestorm Armada:

  • Aquan Prime
  • Dindrenzi Federation
  • Sorylian Collective
  • Terran Alliance
  • Relthoza
  • Directorate

The first models we have elected to create cover the standard Squadron sizes in a game of Firestorm Armada: Small, Medium and Large. Each set will contain one of each Squadron size. Furthermore, each Squadron will always contain the maximum number of models needed to field it at full strength; or Battle Ready as this is now called in the new Firestorm Armada 3.0 rules.

We’d recommend that you review this blog as it details 18 great new models which are coming your way; models which we feel will bring enhanced capabilities to your Firestorm Races and a dose of devastation to your enemies! Those of you familiar with earlier versions of Firestorm will see new model, designations listed below.

In Version 3.0 we have looked at all model types in the game and added several new ones, model types we feel will allow us to extend the game and improve statistic spreads. Some older models have also been reclassified in the game, but more about this will be detailed in another blog. For now, let’s look at our 18 new models.

Important Note: all ships are listed by the game designation. Names of classes are not provided as the naming policy for all models in the Firestorm Galaxy is currently under review and being changed.

There are a number of different model types are listed below, but you see some common themes; most notably that Medical and Repair ships now play a role in a game of Firestorm Armada, along with their new SRS types, and Light Destroyers are making their entry into the game.

Images of the New Models
We very much view Kickstarter from the viewpoint of supporting development, and not just being a marketing tool. As our Firestorm Galaxy Expansi0n builds over the month of August we will unveil images of more and more of the vessels detailed below.


Aquan Prime – Legacy of the First Race

As one of the older races in the galaxy the Aquans are well versed in the art of warfare, fighting with the credo that ‘if the enemy cannot catch you, they cannot kill you’. As a result, Aquan Prime fleets do not look to actively engage the enemy in a head on assault, preferring a more surgical approach to engagements as they use their speed to deliver pinpoint attacks at an enemy’s weak spots. The Aquans have many vassal races to call upon in times of great need, the largest of these being the Terquai Empire. These human auxiliaries of the Sebrutan bring their boundless curiosity to the battlefield, delivering all manner of strange and esoteric weaponry to bear on their foes.

Repair Battleship – Squadron 1, Large Capital
One of the fastest Large vessels built by the Aquans to date, this ship undertakes a repair function within a fleet as it deploys Repair Craft SRS to re-knit the damaged hulls of an Aquan Battle Shoal. Although designed to repair other spacecraft, these durable vessels will often find themselves in the middle of a heated battle. As such they can defend themselves with substantial volleys of broadside Beam weaponry and multi-directional Torpedoes fitted with Corrosive warheads.

This Squadron comes with 1 Repair Battleship, 2 Repair Craft SRS and micro-dice.

Medical Ship – Squadron 3, Medium Capital
With a battle plan which looks to avoid boarding actions, as illustrated by Aquan ships having relatively low Crew Points (CP), these ships act as mobile Aquan Medical vessels, attaching themselves to larger squadrons or joining with their brethren to create squadrons of their own. Aquans are experts in bio-engineering and their physiology allows for rapid tissue repair. This results in a weakening of the long-term cell structure of the patient, but during the heat of battle regeneration is better than death!

This Squadron comes with 3 Medical Ships, 3 Medical Shuttle SRS and micro-dice.

Torpedo Destroyer – Squadron 4, Small non-Capital
As one of the largest Aquan Prime small ships this new Torpedo Destroyer has the ability to deliver devastating long-range Torpedo strikes against enemy targets. With full 360-degree coverage no targets are safe and one of the key strengths of its Torpedoes is the ability to execute Targeted Strikes without the need to spend Command & Control points.

This Squadron comes with 4 Light Destroyer Models.


Dindrenzi Federation – Fire and Support

The rail-gun wielding fleet of the Firestorm Galaxy, the Dindrenzi Federation is best known for its vessels packing a heavy punch and hurling accelerated ordnance at high speed into the hulls of their enemies. Dindrenzi military doctrine is based upon the premise of ‘straight to the enemy’s heart’ which results in a high demand on fore mounted weaponry. The Dindrenzi do not use shielding in their ship designs but maintain an unusually high degree of damage resistance due to extensive use of ablative armour plating. The ‘wall of steel’ is not permanent however and has a number of disadvantages regarding the vessel’s mass/thrust ratios. The Dindrenzi partner with the Rense System Navy (RSN) to augment their battle plans, with the RSN bringing high quality crews, cloaking technology, increased manoeuvrability, better broadsides and less reliance on fore weaponry. This focus on elite vessels leads the RSN to be expensive to field, but difficult to stop.

Battle Carrier – Squadron 1, Large Capital
This is a front-line, close range vessel that was designed as a direct response to the Terran Alliance’s new breed of Battle Carrier. The vessel has been designed to be on par with a Battleship in terms of its survivability and also has weapon systems which pack a punch, focusing on durable secondary weapons such as solid broadsides and tertiary torpedo launchers.

This Squadron comes with 1 Battle Carrier, 2 Interceptor SRS, 3 Bomber SRS and micro-dice.

Repair Ship – Squadron 2, Medium Capital
Acting in close support of Dindrenzi fleets, this new breed of Repair Ship operates to keep friendly vessels in the fight for longer. Durable in its design, with the ability to repair ships right in the heart of the battle. Fielded as attachments or in dedicated field repair squadrons, this ship is vital to alleviating the Command & Control burden for Fleet Commanders; an especially useful quality for the Dindrenzi whose ship captains tend to be mavericks in battle in the first place! This ship type defends itself with broadside and torpedo weaponry, the latter using Torpedo Spook technology supplied by the RSN.

This Squadron comes with 2 Repair Ships, 2 Repair Craft SRS and micro-dice.

Light Destroyers – Squadron 4, Small non-Capital
As one of the largest of the Dindrenzi Small warships, a Squadron of Light Destroyers are specialists in remaining hidden from the enemy, waiting for the right time to reveal themselves and destroy the targets with their fore-mounted rail-guns.

This Squadron comes with 4 Light Destroyer Models.


Sorylian Collective – Cripple the Enemy
Methodical and planned thinking pretty much sums up the Sorylian Collective. Using a strong combination of DR/CR, a Sorylian fleet will approach the enemy, smashing it with fierce broadsides, always looking for the chance to initiate a boarding action. Once aboard cadres of heavy troopers will tear the enemy apart, with their dedicated assault vessels utilising the Frenzied Assault Troops MAR for even more devastating results! Sorylian ships make little use of torpedoes, but the Veydreth, close allies of the Sorylians, excel at long-range torpedo ordnance attacks, and delight in bringing larger prey down with their pinpoint attacks. The Veydreth then look to assist their Sorylian brethren in close quarters by stealing in when the enemy is crippled to present the kill-stroke.

Heavy Carrier – Squadron 1, Large Capital
The Sorylians do not make much use of SRS, but when they do it is normally ‘heavy’ in nature. The new Heavy Carrier combines solid short-range weaponry in the form of scatter broadsides and highly-effective long-range fore-mounted cannons for softening up the target while they close to engage. From its cavernous hangars, the carrier can launch bombers or heavy interceptors which allow for Sorylian fleets to engage in strength with these diminutive craft.

This Squadron comes with 1 Heavy Carrier, 2 Interceptor SRS, 2 Bomber SRS and micro-dice.

Medical Ship – Squadron 3, Medium Capital

The battle-focus of many Sorylian Fleets is to close to boarding range and unleash their frenzied heavy assault troops upon the enemy. To facilitate this, many Sorylian admirals will elect to add Medical Ships to their fleet, either as squadron support or as individual squadrons in their own right. The presence of these vessels helps to ensure that Saurian boarding personnel are fully supplied and are up to the task, insulating them from possible crew loss as they close on the enemy. These ships are outfitted for long range engagement and attack any enemy which closes on them with fore-mounted cannons.

This Squadron comes with 3 Medical Ships, 3 Medical Shuttles SRS and micro-dice.

Light Destroyers – Squadron 4, Small non-Capital
Following in the design philosophy of other races, this is also one of the largest Small ships deployed by the Sorylian Collective. Delivering devastating attacks to the fore, this is a mid to long-range killer that can perform Targeted Strikes against the enemy without a drain on a fleet’s all-important Command & Control points.

This Squadron comes with 4 Light Destroyer Models.


Terran Alliance – Legacy through Permanence
The Terran Alliance views itself as the dominant power in the Galaxy, and the natural leading human power. The Terrans are the cornerstone of the tripartite Kurak Alliance through weight of numbers and a belief in their historical right of governance. Their vast area of influence is patrolled by countless fleets, and nothing must ever threaten their dominion – those who do, are treated harshly to send a message to others who would countenance doing likewise. Previously the Terran Fleets relied heavily upon retrograde designs, with many fleets suffering under a lack of innovation and updated equipment. All this has changed in recent years as the war against the Dindrenzi and later conflicts with the other Factions spurred a technical revolution in Terran ship building. The core Terran weapon of choice are their trusted torpedoes (often outfitted with powerful nuclear munitions), but as their technology improves so does their access to esoteric weapons – provided for the most part by their allies within the Hawker Industries Conglomerate. Hawker represent a large and powerful faction within the Alliance government. Through a process of shrewd deals and direct confrontation, they have cemented their position as the leading voice in the Terran Senate.

Battle Carrier – Squadron 1, Large Capital
This is a front-line, close range vessel that is designed to get into the ‘thick of it’. Because of this it has been designed to be on par with a Battleship in terms of its survivability. It also mounts heavy-hitting weapon systems, so expect a focus on secondary (nuclear) cannons, solid broadsides and tertiary torpedo launchers.

This Squadron comes with 1 Battle Carrier, 2 Bomber SRS and 2 Interceptor SRS and micro-dice.

Heavy Gunships – Squadron 2, Medium Capital
Designed to be a bruiser, this is a stout prize-fighter of a warship whose stock in trade is resilience. With one of the heaviest hulls available within its size class, this new Heavy Gunship is the perfect statement of intent from Terran shipbuilders. The vessel is dominated by its single fore-mounted Beam cannon, and also sports a supporting bank of torpedo launchers. The vessel’s role is simple; punching holes in anything ahead of it – something it does with typical Terran dependability.

This Squadron comes with 2 Heavy Gunships.

Light Destroyers – Squadron 4, Small non-Capital
This vessel is designed as a mid-to-long range hunter-killer with its primary beam weaponry. Its weapons are sheathed in additional plating to help reduce its power emissions; making it very difficult to spot on the battlefield, as well as improving its overall firepower survivability.

This Squadron comes with 4 Light Destroyer Models.


Relthoza – To Weaken and Destroy
The Relthoza understand the importance of a fleet remaining coherent and therefore engage in battle with the mind-set of ‘many acting as one’. Their strong but flexible hive command-web and extensive use of systems networking gives them a tactical advantage that can be very difficult to counter. Their vessels are unusual to the eye, reflecting their alien view-point and not surprisingly their attitude to warfare is equally unusual, utilising ambush attacks and extensive cloaking fields to strike unseen. Relthozan vessels make extensive use of corrosive and biohazard weapons are designed to weaken an enemy before their squadrons move in for the kill. The Relthoza themselves prefer to defend against boarding actions, but their close allies the voracious Ba’Kash revel in boarding an enemy and slaughtering crew with wanton  abandon!

Heavy Battleship – Squadron 1, Large Capital
After their bloody conflict with the the Sorylian Collective fell into a stalemate, the Relthozan Queens demanded a new larger vessel to permit the continued extension of the empire. After many failed experiments, Relthozan shipyards settled upon a new design – a form of Heavy Battleship. More powerful than a standard battleship and better armed, the new class of vessel presents the Relthozans with a nexus point for their system networks that greatly exceeds any previous craft’s capabilities. Whilst not currently produced in large numbers, there is little doubt the many Relthozan Swarm Fleets will clamour to requisition a mighty vessel such as this to their orders of battle.

This Squadron comes with Heavy Battleship, 1 Interceptor SRS and micro-dice.

Medical Ships – Squadron 3, Medium Capital
The Relthozans make extensive use of nanite technology to assist in the maturation process for breeding its Drone offspring as they evolve into their various predetermined Warrior specialists. Their Medical Ships are outfitted with highly advanced nanite holding cells, which can be deployed via Repair drones to other vessels at relatively long range – rejuvenating critically injured Relthoza Warriors to bring them back into the fight! Careful deployment of these vessels will allow them to operate in close support of other ships in a fleet; special care being taken to ensure their precious cargoes of nanites do no fall into the hands of the enemy.

This Squadron comes with 3 Medical Ships, 3 Medical Shuttle SRS and micro-dice.

Light Destroyers – Squadron 4, Small non-Capital
Speed and stealth are key to this vessel’s success and survival. Once it does engage a Squadron of these warships unleash a cataclysmic volley of Corrosive torpedoes. During the latter stages of a battle, these vessels present a boarding threat to the enemy, providing additional tactical options to the Admiral guiding the Relthoza forces.

This Squadron comes with 4 Light Destroyer Models.


Directorate – Bringers of Disarray
With their vast wealth and lionisation of technology, the Directorate have created some of the most potent R&D facilities in the Firestorm Galaxy. In recent years, the Works Raptor (a shadowy corporation within the Directorate) has executed a hostile takeover of various competing companies to bring a degree of focus, previously lacking to Directorate ship design. New advances have been brought to market in the form of improved shielding, ship-capable cloaking technology, advanced biohazard and corrosive munitions, esoteric gravity weapons and much more. The Works Raptor have also looked to increase their fleets’ potential to deliver violence; keeping much of the new technology for themselves and only releasing it when demand for their new advances reaches fever-pitch.


Fleet Carrier – Squadron 1, Large Capital
This massive vessel has the impact on the battlefield of a Dreadnought in terms of its survivability and weaponry. The Fleet Carrier is outfitted with a huge array of Cyber Weaponry, Beam turrets and broadsides with each weapon outfitted to engage the enemy at longer ranges. In addition, the vessel also carries a strong compliment of prototype terror- torpedoes used to cripple targets no matter where they may be hiding! Finally, the Fleet Carrier surpasses previous vessels of the same type in its ability to launch multiple bomber and interceptor Short range spacecraft. Without a doubt, this carrier is a high-priority vessel, presenting a threat at to all enemy squadrons.

This Squadron comes with 1 Fleet Carrier, 2 Bomber SRS and 2 Interceptor SRS and micro-dice.

Medical Ship Ship – Squadron 3, Medium Capital
When assessing the Directorate’s attitude towards their soldiery, many take the view that ‘recovering impaired personnel is not a reasonable use of time and resources’. However, the Directorates’ vat-bred soldiers (often considered to be disposable), still represent a significant investment of capital. In order to both reinstate the fleet’s crew and protect their investment, the Directorate now make extensive use of Medical Ships. These ships also have improved system networks allowing for increased aggression of nearby ship compliments, uploading improved battle-protocols to the fleet’s cyborg and robotic soldiery when required.

This Squadron comes with 3 Medical Ships, 3 Medical Shuttle SRS and micro-dice.

Torpedo Destroyer – Squadron 4, Small non-Capital
With the Works Raptor now taking a leading role in ship manufacture within the Directorate it is not surprising to see their hand in this warship’s-design. If you could choose a spaceship which summarised the Directorate’s emerging combat methodology, then this new Torpedo Destroyer would definitely be in the running. A new-generation Stealth ship, with full 360-degree weapon fire and capacity to deploy terror torpedoes, it also happens to be one of the most expensive Small Class vessels currently available for purchase within Directorate fleets.

This Squadron comes with 4 Light Destroyer Models.