Explore Castles, Crypts and Caverns like never before!

Explore the heights and depths of fantasy castles, crypts and caverns with the latest set of modular RPG Map Books from award winning cartographer and RPG writer Matt Henderson at Loke Battle Mats.

Essential tool for Game Masters

Tired of reusing the same generic maps for your roleplaying games, or having to hastily draw maps mid game? Look no further than the newly released Castles Crypts and Caverns Books of Battle Mats.

This comprehensive collection of maps features detailed hand illustrated of castles, crypts, and caverns, perfect for your next adventure. Whether youre a veteran game master or a firsttime player, Castles, Crypts and Caverns has something for everyone.

Immerse your players

From the spooky depths of the crypts to the towering heights of the battlements, the maps provide a vivid picture of the fantasy locations. The maps also conveniently feature a 1 inch grid and consistent scale throughout.

Castles’ Crypts and Caverns is a musthave item for any roleplaying game enthusiast. Its the perfect way to transport your party to a new and exciting world, and to make sure your adventures are as thrilling as possible.

Adaptable for your adventure

The 80 map pages are wet & dry marker compatible, allowing you to adapt the maps and prepare customised encounters.

So grab your dice and get ready to explore your fantasy castles with the help of Loke Battle Mats.

Castles, Crypts and Caverns is available online, as well as in local hobby retailers.

For more information about Loke Battle Mats and their Book of Battle Mats range, please visit their website at www.lokebattlemats.com.