Exalted Vales : New setting about the strange and mysticism for 5E

Exalted Vales – a regional guide and an epic campaign spanning level 1 to 16, with a unique theme: mysticism and the strange. All manner of unusual things happen in the Vales, many of which concern the players directly.
– Just one example: people cannot dream naturally. Witches in Drath weave dreams day and night, which take the form of small squares of incense, and are distributed through the Vales.
– In the city of Trivedi, a bottomless seashell conjures whatever meal passers-by are thinking about. An endless abundance of food, which profoundly changes society.

Everywhere, strange phenomena reshape people’s lives. Alongside these sorts of oddities – which inhabitants of the Vales call the Manifestations – mystical races, strange powers and heroes with mysterious origins complete the picture. If you’re interested in our project and would like to learn more.