Enter the Shadow

Shadow of Nerekhall Is Now Available

Decades ago, the forbidden magical study of Nerekhall’s scholars extended beyond the realm’s capacity for tolerance. A noted mage was driven mad by his experiments and unleashed demonic forces that sent much of Terrinoth spiraling into chaos. Nerekhall’s recovery from its troubled past has been remarkable, but the Daqan Lords keep a close eye on the city and threaten swift retribution should Nerekhall ever allow darkness to rise again…

Your journey to the great city has been arduous, but at last, you have arrived beneath its towering walls. The gates of Nerekhall gape open, inviting you to discover the truth that waits within its darkened streets and narrow alleys. Shadow of Nerekhall is now available, both online through our webstore and at your local retailer!

Shadow of Nerekhall is a new expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition, inviting you and your fellow heroes to travel to the great city of Nerekhall to investigate the strange events that have occurred there of late. Some threats to the city may seem obvious, but there is more within than meets the eye. You must discover if Nerekhall is under attack from an outside force, or if the city itself has become corrupt.

The Pursuit of Heroism

In our first preview of Shadow of Nerekhall, we took a look at two heroes included in this expansion: Tinashi the Wanderer and Ravaella Lightfoot. Tinashi the Wanderer is a quick-witted Scout with a mysterious affinity for the shadows, preferring to attack from concealment. Ravaella Lightfoot, on the other hand, is a gnomish wizard. Despite her slight figure, Ravaella’s magic grants her powerful defenses against her foes.

We also examined two new hero classes introduced in Shadow of Nerekhall – Conjurer and Shadow Walker. The Shadow Walker summons a Shadow Soul to follow him around the map, striking fear into the hearts of monsters and boosting the heroes’ attacks. The Conjurer class, however, focuses directly on trickery, using image tokens to confuse monsters or to strike from unexpected angles.

Our second preview looked at the two remaining heroes and hero classes in this expansion. Orkell the Swift was once a bandit, but now he lends his skills as a Warrior to the defense of the weak and helpless. Fast and light, Orkell is built to move quickly, cutting through any monsters that stand between him and the heroes’ objectives. Rendiel, however, is a powerful Healer, using the wisdom he has learned from a life on the road. By reviving your heroes, Rendiel recovers damage and fatigue himself, making him a natural inclusion to your hero party.

Two more hero classes also offer new options to aspiring heroes. The Skirmisher class focuses on light combat, snipping away at monsters and avoiding damage. Between his Class cards and abilities, a skilled Skirmisher can lead monsters on a merry chase. The final class introduced in Shadow of Nerekhall is the Bard. As a skilled Healer, the Bard has a host of abilities, and the majority of his Class cards can produce more than one effect! Equipped with a harmony and a melody token, the Bard’s Class cards have different effects depending on which token is placed on it.

Back-Alley Skullduggery

The third Shadow of Nerekhall preview turned to the overlord, examining the new monsters and tricks that he can bring to bear against the heroes. Four new monster groups can be found in the city of Nerekhall: rat swarms, changelings, ironbound, and ynfernael hulks. These monsters present the heroes with an array of challenges, but the overlord also receives a deadly new Overlord card class – the Shadowmancer. The Shadowmancer class focuses on darkness and misdirection, hiding from the heroes’ investigation and striking where they least expect it. The overlord also gains access to Corrupt Citizen cards, which can be played to increase the powers of master changelings, thrusting a hero party into truly dire straits.

Our latest preview of Shadow of Nerekhall featured a designer diary by the expansion designer, Justin Kemppainen. Justin shared his favorite parts of the design process, alongside some of his main goals for the expansion. In that same preview, we posted the rules for Shadow of Nerekhall, which you can download from the Descent support page.

The Adventure Begins

The city of Nerekhall lies under siege of darkness, waiting for your heroes’ arrival. Are you up for the task? Shadow of Nerekhall is now available! Head to your local retailer and pick up your copy of the newest Descent expansion today.