Endless: Fantasy Tactics – Gaiden Kickstarter @ 100%

We’ve reached 100% funding! The Dark & Light Dragons, Kirin, and Behemoth are now funded and we can work towards stretch goals.


Our first stretch goal, at $8k will unlock Nordic Taskforce Vikinger as a 3Fals option. These colorful heroes are featured in the ‘Nordic Taskforce Vikinger VS The Black Kiwi‘ Halloween themed DLC, which will be added to the Gaiden Series book.


Our Second Stretch at $11k will unlock Drake Dragonborn as a 2 Fals option. Drake is a character unit from the core rulebook with the unique ability to transform into a Dragonoid form. He’ll also come with a non-unique Crusader [M] card.

Drake Dragonborn

After that… It looks like two Bosses and a Monster are approaching..