Dweghom Faction Breakdown so far! Conquest by Para Bellum Wargames

Conquest’s third faction, the Dweghom, are out!

The first wave of Dweghom are already in stores! The faction launched with three regiment expansions, or rather four, since one is a dual kit, plus three characters to lead them in combat.



12 Hold Warriors/Hold Ballistae with round bases, 3 infantry stands and 2 Command Card


12 Flame Berserkers with round bases, 3 infantry stands and 1 Command Card


3 Inferno Automata with round bases, 3 brute stands and 1 Command Card


Each character box contains one miniature with a base and 1 Command Card

As ever, one can scan the QR codes on the Command Cards to see the fully updated rules of the corresponding unit in Conquest’s free Army Builder. If you want to find out more about the Dweghom and each regiment and character, check out their lore here. In the meantime, here’s how each of these units scales: