Download Primecast Episode 2 Now!

Primecast is the official monthly podcast of WARMACHINE, HORDES, and all things Privateer Press! Join co-hosts Simon Berman and Will Shick as they explore Privateer HQ and share exclusive interviews with their fellow staffers.

Episode 2 of Privateer Press Primecast is here! Join co-hosts Simon Berman and Will Shick as they interview fellow staffers at Privateer HQ. Lead Developer Jason Soles discusses Kings, Nations, & Gods and hints at the future of WARMACHINE! Then, Development Manager David “DC” Carl chats with Will Shick about The Big Guns, the first expansion for WARMACHINE High Command. Publications Manager, Aeryn Rudel, discusses his experiences running Skull Island eXpeditions followed by Organized Play Coordinator, Will Hungerford, who talks about his experiences at WARMACHINE Weekend 2013 and discusses the future of Iron Gauntlet! Finally, Will and Simon take a look back on 2013 for Privateer and Will drops a few spoilers about WARMACHINE Vengeance.

Primecast, Episode 2 is available for download here, and will be available soon on iTunes.