Don’t forget: Objective Markers pre-orders are up!

In case you missed it, our Generic & Made-To-Order Objective Markers start shipping after 15th of June, and the pre-orders are up!
The markers are made from the same durable neoprene material as our G-Mats.They can also be slipped partially under terrain with ease, without disrupting the battlefield. Thanks to their 6″ diameter you can immediately see if a unit is controlling the objective marker. This makes for faster gameplay.
Each set contains Objective Markers numbered from 1-6.
Generic Objective Markers
-2 designs to start with, check the pictures and our webstore!
Made-To-Order Objective Markers
-Fantastic option for competitive tournaments and teams!
-Your own design (remember to see file specifications)!
-Minimum orders of 5 sets (5×6 markers)
Check out additional information at: