Denizens of Resinburg – from HQ Resin!

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Last week HQ Resin released the first miniatures (yes, miniatures) of the new series: Resinburg Citizens.
This is a new turn in the history of the company that has specialized in the production and sale of diorama components and gaming terrain elements.

In the first wave there are 7 miniatures – character models, which may be interested mainly collectors, painters and RPG players.
Ideal for use with 28mm-32mm scale models and as diorama decorations.
Suitable for various games in different settings such as dark age, medieval, fantasy and horror thems.

Matilda the Innkeeper

Gabe the Blacksmith

Camila the Old Witch

Tom the Torturer

Ron the Beggar

Archibald the Scholar

Gunter the Gravedigger


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