Decent tools for any magic adept – from HQ Resin!

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Regardless of the school of magic you prefer – HQ Resin has a surprise for you: Wizard School Basing Kit!

This kit contains 15 resin elements:

1 table,
1 chair,
2 wizard hats,
4 books,
1 broom,
1 manuscript,
1 scroll,
3 clay pots,
1 candle (on the skull),
1 set of vials,
1 wizard staff,
3 magic potions,
and 1 big owl sitting on a pile of books!

This is a highly detailed kit that will enhance your immersion in the world of miniatures.
Ideal for use with 28mm-32mm scale models and as diorama decorations.
Suitable for various games in different settings (dark age, medieval, western, WWII, fantasy, steampunk).

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