Conquest special offer for two players!

Conquest has announced a series of events called “Path of Conquest”! While details are expected within the next few days, Para Bellum Wargames have already launched an offer to help newcomers to the game dive right into it… and in pairs at that!

With every purchases of a Core Box Set, two more expansions, a Steel Legion for the Hundred Kingdoms and a Marksman Clones for the Spires, will be added, for free. This way two players can build an extremely solid foundation for their new armies!

The astounding amount of minis and other goodies of this offer is:

  • 83 Plastic Miniatures
    • Pheromancer x1
    • Brute Drones x3
    • Abomination x1
    • Force-Grown Drones x24
    • Noble x1
    • Men at Arms x24
    • Crossbowmen x12
    • Household Knights x3
    • Steel Legion x12
    • Marskman Clones x12
  • 6 plastic model objective markers
  • 1 Soft-cover Rule Book
  • 12 Dice
  • 22 Command Cards

You can get it here!