Conquest: PRE-ORDER our June Releases NOW!

Drillmaster (Hundred Kingdoms) 20USD/EUR

A beautiful Command Upgrade for the Hundred Kingdoms and Army Support Packs for all four factions are available for Pre-Order on Para Bellum’s e-shop!

A command upgrade for multiple Hundred Kingdoms units, the Drillmaster gives units that he is attached to the Bastion Draw Event, increasing their Defense by 1, one of the most powerful and versatile bonuses a unit can get.

With widespread availability, expect Hundred Kingdoms armies to run multiple copies of this character. Even when he is not selected, Drillmasters will also make compelling figures to fill out Retinue slots under the new Character rules.


These sets include each factions’ Secret Objectives as well as all new, individually illustrated, Spell Cards for each spell available to the casters of each faction to serve as memory aids and casting tokens.

Together with Wound Markers with your faction’s logo, all of these cards are contained within a beautifully illustrated and faction themed deck box to allow players to keep all of the cards needed to play Conquest in a single, easy to access container.

Coming to you in June, don’t hesitate! Get yours now!