Conquest January Releases are here!

The new year has kicked off with bang for Conquest! Whether you’re interested in the Mass Combats of Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings or the Skirmish games of Conquest: First Blood, there’s no time like not to both start forging your army or to cleverly expand on your existing forces.


What. A. Box. For only 149 $/€, with two Characters and three Regiments, the Warband boxes provide players with enough troops to play a solid game of Conquest: First Blood, while also providing a starting point for a full Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings army or a solid expansion of one’s forces. Get them now here!
Looking for a taste of Conquest? The Faction Taster Skirmish starter boxes contain everything you need to start playing First Blood including:
– A softback First Blood Rulebook
– 1 Character
– 4+4 infantry models
– Their Command Cards
– 7 Infantry Bases
…and, of course, stands to also bring that small boost in your Mass Battle regiments!

Few things can withstand the enhanced Clash of a Household Guards 
Regiment with their Noble Lord and Armsmaster in their ranks… The subtle but powerful presence of the Armsmaster is now available to all Hundred Kingdoms warlords!

Enhance your frontline and wreak havoc upon contact, breaking enemy lines! Well. And some of your own. But they’re just drones, aren’t they, Director?
With the rules ever available online for FREE, from huge Warband boxes or Faction Tasters to Command Upgrade models, there’s no time better to start forging your army or to multiply and fine-tune your forces cleverly!