Conquest Companion available for Pre-Order!

Coming out this June, along with the Drillmaster and the Army Support Packs, the beautiful Conquest Companion is already available for Pre-Order!

This hardcover rulebook compiles all the most up to date rulings and clarifications made by the Para Bellum team on the core rules and army lists. In addition, it contains the new Character expansion rules, allowing players to customize their Characters with all new retinues, skills, and items.

The Companion also has 304 pages dedicated to giving an overview of the world of Conquest and it’s factions! Previously undisclosed details about the origins of the world and the history of each faction come to life with amazing original illustration, making this rulebook a true piece of art!

Find it here!

For the true collector, a personalized copy of the Companion, signed by the founder of Para Bellum Wargames, is in included in our Founder’s Exclusive bundles, along with a fully fledged army of the faction of your choice! Check them out here, while signed copies last!