Beyond the Gates of Antares: Tales of Batu & Baray

We’ve got a fantastic treat for all you Antares fans – a collection of short stories from the pen of Tim Bancroft! Follow the exploits of Prince Batu & his bodyguard Baray across the Determinate!

Tales of Batu & Baray by Tim Bancroft

This is a collection of stories based in the game universe of Beyond the Gates of Antares, created by Rick Priestley and published by Warlord Games Ltd. Included here are all the shorts and novelettes of Batu and Baray Delhren available on the Antares Nexus knowledge base at, plus an extra story, ‘Recruiting’.

Additional stories involving Shaltok, Batu, Baray and other characters can be found in the Antares supplements The Chryseis Shard and The Dronescourge Returns and in the Zmok Antares anthology Open Signal.

The Freeborn Prince Batu, his bodyguard Baray and the atypical Ghar Commander Shaltok forge each other’s fate as they journey through the war-torn worlds of the Antarean Determinate. From their first encounter on the deadly world of Shamasai, to their final exile sealed on the captured wreck of the starliner T.O.R. 563, the trio’s troubled destinies are intertwined in more ways than they can imagine.

Tales of Batu and Baray

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