Beyond the Gates of Antares: Algoryn

Algoryn spotted in the nanosphere!

This week I’m very pleased to be able to reveal something of our work-in-progress on our next force for Beyond the Gates of Antares: the Algoryn. At Warlord HQ (otherwise known as the bicycle sheds behind the gas works) we’re all very excited about these, because these are the very first models that have been digitally sculpted for us, rather than produced in the time-honoured method by means of hand, spit and eye (other bodily parts may be involved… also fluids). Hence what we have to show you are 3D computer renders rather than the usual ‘greens’ with which you may be familiar. In other respects, what we have is entirely representative of the final pieces, which will be produced in metal just like our Boromites and other Antarean models.

The Algoryn Prosperate is a league of independent worlds that includes Algoryn colonies as well as affiliated worlds peopled by other pan-human types. The Algoryn are descended from root human types over many generations. They lack hair upon their heads, which are instead covered with crest-like keratinous growths. Similar nodules of keratin form a thick scaly layer upon their exposed flesh. This dense protective layer shields the Algoryn against the harsh rays of the twin suns of Algorya, which periodically bathe the planet in dangerous levels of heat and radiation. With that basic idea in mind we’ve worked to create a distinctive look that combines regular human anatomy with a unique twist, as you can see from these early concept renders.


Some of the early concept renders for different styles of head.

As we started to work out the designs for the different head treatments, it struck us that it would be cool to have a distinct appearance for the male and female Algoryn in terms of how we treated the projecting head scales. So, gnarly and irregular for the males and a more manicured look for the females. This gave us a further idea for the trooper types – with the different genders taking on different roles in the Algoryn military. I’ll cover the background and gaming aspects of all this in the future – for now let’s just take a peak at some of the work-in-progress.








I hope you like what we’ve done so far! Whilst I’m here – a few folks have asked about the bases we are using and what kind of bases will be used in the game. The render bases you see here are 25mm round, low and flat, with a bevelled edge as you see – we are favouring this kind of base as it is neat enough to make a nice display, not too big and chunky to compromise game-play (as are many of the bigger, thicker bases) and it is a size and shape that will accommodate a variety of poses.

The models themselves will come with an integral cast base which will allow you to mount them on whatever kind of base you wish – although we will probably supply a separate plastic base along the lines described. The bases shown in earlier posts on our Boromites were (in the case of the very nice Warlord paint jobs) expertly customised by the painters we commissioned to do the work. The models shown from my collection were based directly onto 20mm or 25mm round bases (1p and 2p coins). I happen to like ‘em that way!