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Unlike the Brute and Force Grown Drones the Vanguard Clones are not grown in the spawning pits deep within the Underspire. Woven from 100% pure exile tissue, their strands are improved upon and woven to produce superior specimens. Used for delicate tasks requiring initiative, intelligence and dexterity, Clones are invariably much more resource intensive to gestate and develop than Drones. Given this understanding and witnessing the prevalence of Drones within the observed Spire forces, it would be easy to surmise clones are rare within Spire society.




Vanguard Clones are the epitome of Spire military infantry engineering and training, fully sentient and capable of complex tactical thought. These elite Clone soldiers act as a literal vanguard, preparing the ground for the arrival of the full might of a Spire Army.
Let’s take a closer look:

The rapier and shield Vanguard variant act as an elite melee Regiment designed to assault and hold key Objectives against enemy elite Regiments. When deployed with a Ward Preceptor their Defense of 4 makes them very effective at defending against most Regiments, whereas their Evasion of 2 allows strikes from even the mightiest of Dragonslayers to be avoided all together. When the time comes to strike back, an Inspired Clash of 3 with 2 attacks per Clone will hurt even the most dangerous and enduring foes.

As their melee oriented brethren are holding the enemy lines, the Infiltrators are a force to be reckoned with when firing at the flanks of a pinned foe. Fast and very agile the Infiltrators can quickly make up their way to support friendly Regiments with overwhelming salvoes of crossbow bolts. While being as agile as their melee counterparts, however, they are not nearly as well armored. Beware of fast melee flanking Regiments as they can end the Infiltrator’s reign of flanking-shot terror. The Vanguard Clones provide unique playstyle opportunities for the Spire forces. From head-on assaults against enemy melee Regiments to delicate flanking maneuvers, this elite infantry force is bound to change the way you play your Army.

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The contents in the box can produce 12 Vanguard Clones or 12 Vanguard Clone Infiltrators.

12 Plastic Miniatures (with the option of making 2 Command models), 3 Infantry Plastic Stands, 12 Bases and 2 Command Cards.

The contents in the box can produce 12 Vanguard Clone Infiltrators or 12 Vanguard Clones.

12 Plastic Miniatures (with the option of making 2 Command models), 3 Infantry Plastic Stands, 12 Bases and 2 Command Cards.