A-Case Hybrid Victory 2.0 – review by Corey Gilarno

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I received the A-Case hybrid Victory 2.0 from my friend for some testing and reviews.  This was the first magnetic case I ever had and I was skeptical. Will my models slide about?  Will they move and tip as the case bumps against my side as I’m walking? Do they really stay in upside down?  

To answer these. It’s pretty dang simple after some travel around to friends and game shops with the case. 

My models do not slide about at all. They don’t even move. None of the models tipped or fell off as I walked with it messenger bag style and hit my body. They really do stay in when you hold the tray upside down. Even with some shaking, they don’t fall. 

I was super surprised and shocked. Fell in love with this bag instantly. It answered all my questions I had and didn’t know I had. 

I no longer need to worry about foam plucking. No more foam scratching paint off my models. No more sharp weapons or fiddley bits getting stuck in foam and having to rebuild at game night. 

The size of the victory 2.0 is great for anyone who does skirmish gaming. I play infinity, Arena Rex and Wild West Exodus and they are small enough to fit lists for all 3 games at once. And some extras. 

The trays slide in and out with ease which makes set up and tear down a breeze. Model dies. Toss on the tray and it’s already packed up. 

The trays are held in place with pins and a rubber band. They work good and cause no shifting or sliding if the case is accidental knocked over. I worry about the rubber band losing its elasticity, but time will tell for that one. 

All in all, I highly recommend this bag for those who want a change of pace. For those that play smaller games and wanna be able to take only a few modes or lists, the Victory 2.0 is for you. 

It has changed the way I transport for good and I can not see going back to foam in the future. 

Great product. Great guy. Runs an excellent, solid business and you won’t be disappointed when yours arrives. 

Did you back to get yours yet?   What are you waiting for!  




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I have been gaming basically my entire life.  Started with DnD at the age of 10 and it just took off from there.  I bought into GW 40k and Warhammer fantasy but never actually got to play them.  I did, however, play GW Lord of the Rings games and that was super fun and addictive.  The hobbying side of the game is what got me when I was younger.  Painting making terrain.  I then fell out of the tabletop wargaming loop for a few years until I found Warmachine and Hordes.  I started that with some friends about 10 years ago and haven’t looked back from there.  We stopped Warmachine at the release of MKIII and got into Infinity.  Which is what we have been playing for about 5 years now.