33-piece Necrontyr Obelisks Set available now

If you’re looking for some absolutely HUUUUUGE obelisks for your Necron-themed gaming table, look no further than this imposing 33 piece set, available for download today!!

Each piece fits even the smallest and cheapest 3D printers – available for as little as $100 recently! The cost for printing each piece depends a little on your plastic, but is approximately $0.60



There are options galore in this set, meaning that no two obelisks need to look the same.

This first picture shows 3 of the options for the top section – pyramid top with engravings, energy crystal version, and Necrontyr symbol version. There are 5 top section versions included, in 3 different sizes, so you can mix and match small, medium and BIG obelisks!



This picture shows the 2 different base sections for the obelisk – the plain version (on the right) and a version with cut-out vertical vents and engravings, designed for LED lights.



Printing a 3 level obelisk at 100% scale makes a monument approximately 50cm (20″) high!!

You can, however print at smaller scales without problem, down to about 50%, if you prefer.



The Necrontyr symbol version and energy crystal version both have cutouts, allowing you to fit more LEDs if you want to uplight them with extra glow.

Additionally, you could even print the energy crystal in coloured clear filament to allow LEDs to glow through.



Here is the set in its entirety. That’s a lot of pieces, right?



Still not sure about getting into 3d printing? It’s a technology MADE for wargaming – you can save SO much money on terrain!


The Necrontyr Obelisks Set is available for download from our website today: