1:48 scale WW2 Pacific War range from Slave 2 Gaming

G’day from the Slave Dungeon,


Today’s release has been a long time coming, some of you had heard at the local shows that this range was being made, but then Covid and a whole heap of other things got in the way of its release. Well, the 1:48 scale WW2 Pacific figures are finally available now from Slave 2 Gaming.

Mike Broadbent has sculpted these 3 forces of the Pacific war, in a scale that is amazing to look at on the board and is perfect for small scale skirmish games.

The first 3 packs that are shown here are the complete packs for each of the three forces, The US Marines, the Aussie Diggers and the Japanese.

All these packs contain 14 metal miniatures and cost AU$85

Next, we have the individual packs. Mike has broken down the forces into smaller elements in case you want to expand your force from the 14 figures of the complete pack, or if you just want to run different options.

The Below 3 pictures show the Marines packs, six different options in all. Then the Aussies & Japanese have 5 different option packs.

For these and all of our other products, check them out at www.slave2gaming.com